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Paypal Credit Card Reader Best Buy ((TOP))

Introduced in 2012, PayPal Here is a credit card reader and accompanying app that allows businesses and individuals to accept a wide range of payments, including credit cards and contactless payments, on iOS and Android devices.

paypal credit card reader best buy

This reader is free when you set up your account, but additional units cost $24.99. It accepts major credit cards, whether they have a magnetic stripe or chip. You swipe the card in the slot on one side of the reader or insert the EMV chip at the top of the reader for fast and secure payment processing. The device is 3 by 2.1 inches and connects to your iOS or Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It includes a micro-USB cable for charging.

The Chip and Tap Reader costs $59.99. It accepts cards with magnetic stripes, EMV chips and contactless technology (where consumers tap their card to the reader). It also accepts digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

The reader is 2.64 by 2.46 inches and weighs 2.3 ounces. Like the Chip and Swipe Reader, it has one slot for swiping and another on the top for inserting chip cards. In addition, buyers can tap their cards on the flat surface of the reader where the contactless icon is printed.

Neither the Chip and Swipe nor the Chip and Tap device currently allows customers to input a PIN for debit transactions, although all PayPal Here readers accept debit and credit cards. If you want to give your customers the ability to input their PINs, PayPal offers a more robust point-of-sale solution called Zettle. The Zettle card reader costs $29 and has all of the capabilities of the Chip and Tap reader, plus the ability for customers to input their PINs. Zettle also has a range of POS store kits, including stands, printers, card readers and barcode scanners.

PayPal Here gives business owners a convenient way to accept credit cards and contactless payments from their customers. The app is easy to use, card readers are equipped with the newest technology, and the company offers extensive customer support.

Small businesses that don't accept card payments are potentially missing out on additional revenue. For many, the fears of card compliance, customer data protection, and expensive card processing fees are well-founded. Fortunately, there are a variety of best credit card readers for small business that are affordable, scalable, and simple to set up. They take care of most of the issues that may be holding you back from accepting credit and debit cards so you can focus on selling your product to the largest market possible. We've created a shortlist of four of the best card readers -- and the companies that offer them -- so you can start accepting card payments as soon as today.

The following picks are ZDNet's best credit card readers for small businesses based on features, pricing, and more. Whether you're just getting started or in search of a fuller-featured card acceptance solution, one or more of the following readers may be a good option to consider.

New businesses thinking of testing credit card transactions will like the simplicity of the Square card reader. There are no contracts, minimums, or monthly transaction fees to worry about. You'll only pay a processing fee when you process a card sale, and you can receive payment as fast as one business day. The pocket-sized reader plugs into your smart device's headset or lightning port and integrates with Square's free Point of Sale app to make credit card processing possible -- even when there is no internet connectivity.

Square has alternate solutions as your business grows. To accept chip cards and Apple Pay, upgrade to the Square Reader for $59.79 to wirelessly connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth. For the most versatile solution, the Square Terminal for $299 is an all-in-one credit card reader and receipt printer.

Clover has entry-level to full-featured card readers. The Mini is our pick from Clover for best credit card readers for small businesses. It's a small, portable version of the company's comprehensive POS system with features that include an integrated receipt printer, customer-facing camera, a barcode scanner, NFC reader (for Apple or Google Pay), touch-screen PIN pad, and signature capture. You can tether two devices via USB when you'd like to have a terminal on the customer side and the register end. The Clover App market provides a variety of apps for the Mini to customize its function based on your industry and needs.

PayPal Zettle aims to make accepting debit and credit cards as inclusive as possible. Its mobile credit card readers are Bluetooth-enabled, so your business can get paid nearly anywhere your mobile device works. As a first-time business shopper, PayPal sells the Zettle Reader for $29, charging $79 for each additional device. It accepts magnetic stripe, chip, tap and Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. In addition, you can process PayPal or Venmo QR code payments via the Zettle companion app (iOS and Android).

Helcim is a good option for small businesses ready to get serious about accepting credit and debit cards. The company's card reader is the most full-featured of the top card readers reviewed, accepting contactless, swiped, tapped, and pin cards. In addition, the terminal is compatible with debit card chip-and-pin transactions.

To narrow the list of best credit card readers for small business to five, several criteria were considered. Simplicity was essential since most small business owners don't have the time to set up an intricate card payment process for their business. Devices that are "plug and play" and have solid customer support available were a priority.

In addition to ease of use, costs were another important factor. Depending on what phase the small business is in, equipment costs, card processing fees, and monthly charges could affect a company's bottom line. We chose companies offering card readers with affordable, transparent pricing and a simple fee structure without a long list of hidden charges.

If you're just getting started, Square offers a free credit card reader, fixed-rate processing fee, and no commitment, which is ideal for smaller, occasional sales. However, you may want to opt for a credit card reader compatible with your current e-commerce/retail setup. For example, Shopify or PayPal business owners can take advantage of the company's software and integrated payment processing hardware to keep card acceptance as simple as possible.

There are a variety of credit card readers. The most basic is a small magnetic stripe reader that plugs into your mobile device. Next is the chip and swipe reader which can also process chip cards that must be inserted instead of swiped. The latest readers are contactless, requiring a customer to tap their card on the terminal and NFC (near-field communication) compatible for mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The business or merchant enters the amount of the transaction into the terminal and asks the customer to swipe, tap, or insert their card. The reader extracts the bank information from the customer's credit card (in the chip or magnetic stripe) and communicates with the financial institution wirelessly or through a telephone line. If the bank or institution authorizes the transaction, it will issue an approval code and receipt in just a few seconds.

Startup businesses saw a 24% increase in 2020, signaling that a growing number of Americans are seeking a path toward successful entrepreneurship. To do so, many are relying on crucial software and hardware tools to successfully sell various products and services. Increasingly, this includes the use of mobile credit card readers.

We reviewed a dozen point-of-sale (POS) system providers using a comprehensive methodology to help determine the five best mobile credit card readers. This review included a deeper look at provider pricing, quality and number of features offered and an analysis by our panel of experts using customer reviews of the card readers. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Shopify is a popular all-in-one e-commerce solution that lets you build a website, online store, and includes POS software to manage your business. It also offers a way for online sellers to take payments in person with a mobile card reader. The card readers cost $49 each, and your sales through the mobile app sync with your Shopify POS app.

You might not need a credit card reader if you use a digital payment service or if you only sell in-person occasionally. If you have a brick-and-mortar business or sell offline on a semiregular basis, you will probably need a card reader.

Yes. Using a smartphone, you can use a mobile card reader to accept payments. Readers typically require Bluetooth and an internet connection. With the mobile app provided by your chosen provider, you typically can type in credit card numbers without a separate reader, but you will likely have to pay higher transaction fees in exchange.

The best credit card reader for small business will keep your customers happy, by letting them make card payments wherever you are, without needing any extra equipment. For anyone selling photographs at a local market - or for taking deposits for weddings - the ability to accept credit cards makes you look more professional, and makes things easier for your shoppers.

These small and portable devices connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and provide you with a free app to run things. That makes it simple for you to take payments, say, for prints you're selling at a local market, or for your day's services as a wedding photographer. For this, the best credit card readers charge quite a minimal transaction fee, and most of them are pretty cheap. Some are even free!

PayPal has several card readers for you to choose from. They are all EMV compliant and connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. PayPal also sells receipt printers, cash drawers, stands and cases.

This mobile credit card processor has multiple customer support channels. On its website, it has a searchable knowledgebase, a blog, and a chatbot that answers questions about how to set up an account, the documentation that is required, pricing, and how the service works. It can also answer common questions that SumUp merchants have about their account, card reader and payouts. 041b061a72


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