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Lords Of Acid Voodoo U Zip

And in addition Spenlove was easy to look at, for he never returned theglance. He was a solidly built man of forty odd, with a neat gray beardand carefully tended hair. The surgeon once said Spenlove resembled anambassador more than an engineer, and Spenlove, without in any waymoving from his customary pose of alert yet placid abstraction, hadmurmured absently:

lords of acid voodoo u zip


"And Artemisia! She sat in her little spare cabin opening on the saloon,and now and again she would raise her shoulders, draw a deep breath, letthem drop again as though in despair, and go on with her sewing. Shewould laugh at me when I tried to amuse the child and distract it fromsome preposterous desire. It was not easy. Her tenacity of purpose wasappalling. She was yelling one evening for someone to open the greatmedicine chest that stood by the brass fireplace. I tried thetime-honoured ruses for placating the young. I said there was a lioninside who would jump out and eat Babs. I pretended to go and find thekey and came back with the news that naughty Mr. Siddons had dropped itinto the sea. The brat stopped to breathe for a moment and a faintlyhuman expression came over the stupendously smug little face. I followedthis up by a story of how Mr. Siddons had shown me how to make a pinfloat on the water. I hastily poured some water into a glass, got apiece of blotting paper, laid my pin on it, and waited for the homelytrick to succeed. I had no luck somehow. The pin went to the bottom andBabs' opinion of me went with it. She suddenly remembered about themedicine chest and gave a preliminary yell. Mrs. Evans said, 'Oh,Babbsy, darling!' I got up and went out on deck. We were running amongthe islands. Away to the east-ward I could see the lights of theRoumania Lloyd mail-boat going south. Suddenly two hands grabbed thelappets of my patrol-coat, a dark, fluffy head leaned for a deliciousmoment against my chest, and Artemisia gurgled, 'Oh, Mister Chief, isn'tshe just a little fiend?' She had been listening to my blandishments andhad witnessed the final destruction of my hopes. She put her handsbehind her back, threw up her head, and regarded me with amusement.'Why,' she whispered, 'why didn't you open the medicine chest, and giveher the prussic-acid to play with?' And then, without waiting for ananswer, she turned and looked across at the islands we were passing. Shesighed. 'Just look at them! How do they know which is Ipsilon? MisterChief, Mister Chief, I am afraid.'

"I was soon far above the habitation of men. Above me slanted the massesof weathered limestone and marble; below, reduced to the size of achild's toy, I could see the Manola. At intervals I could hear a faintrattle and another cloud of red dust would rise from her deck, like thesmoke of a bombardment. Far below me were a tiny group of men at work ina quarry. They seemed to be engaged in some fascinating game. Theyclustered and broke apart, running here and there, crouching behindboulders, and remaining suddenly still. There would be a dull thump, ajet of smoke, and a few pieces of rock, microscopic to me, would tumbleabout. And then all the pigmy figures would run out again and beginindustriously to peck at these pieces, like ants, and carry them, withtiny staggerings, out of sight. I watched them for a moment and thenwalked on until I came to the corner where the path curves to the rightand eventually confronts the open sea. I was alone with the inaccessiblesummits and the soft murmur of invisible waves breaking upon half-tiderocks. I was in mid-air with a scene of extraordinary beauty andplacidity spread before me. The sea, deep blue save where it shallowedinto pale green around the farther promontory, was a mirror upon whichthe shadows of clouds flickered and passed like the moods of an innocentsoul. In the distance lay the purple masses of other islands, asleep. Itwas as though I were gazing upon a beautiful and empty world, awaitingthe inevitable moment when men should claim the right to destroy itsloveliness....


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