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Some people enjoy polyamory. They find great pleasure in multiple long-term relationships, and many couples do not have sex less often than once per week. It probably does not happen to many of them, but some people like a lot of people. Its not easy to be in a lot of relationships, and some men or women may need to move from one to another for personal or cultural reasons, but thats just normal life for many folks. Its a lifestyle choice, a carefully considered one, but it would be near impossible for people outside this lifestyle to understand.

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I wasnt even aware of anyone working on this except Mark Fowler, and this is a side-project of the DeadGames series (which includes things like Call of Cthulhu, Dracula, and Conan). It is clearly inspired by The Dark Knights Batman is perhaps my favorite movie of all time and Id put Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade not too far behind it. It seems like a fun bit of over the top violence, and to be honest, we dont deserve anything less. On the whole, if a Batmobile is coming for your head, a fight in front of a church might not really do it for you. I cant say if any of the call-ins Ive attempted in the comments (including one in which Jesus told me that he would find me, and I shouldnt put it past him) actually made it into the game, but if they did, they didnt last long. (Thankfully, no one seems to actually be praying in the church anymore, which was pretty true before this. Now it is a second career office building.)

The worst part, though, is the story. There are no call-ins in the final release. When I played I had no idea it was about the struggles of a former POW and Delta Force operator on a mission of revenge and redemption (oh, and rescuing his wife and daughter). If it had not been for the final scene, where the player-character is interrogated by two testy teenagers about how he can know so much about his lost family and why he hadnt come home, I wouldnt have been able to deduce the game had nothing to do with any of that.


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