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How to Play Viking Sisters on PC [Pack] - A Time Management Game with a Twist

viking girls adventure: the viking sisters is the last and final in the series of viking girls adventure games. the game is not like the other games in the series as it is a point & click adventure game rather than a traditional adventure game.

Viking Sisters download for pc [pack]

filesizeaddeddescription skald.exe4.28 kb18/09/2017skald.exe - win32 viking.exe5.35 kb18/09/2017viking.exe - win32 skald.dll1.95 kb18/09/2017skald.dll - win32 viking.dll2.45 kb18/09/2017viking.dll - win32 skald.ini5.00 kb18/09/2017skald.ini - win32 viking.ini7.32 kb18/09/2017viking.ini - win32 fonts.zip7.04 mb18/09/ - fonts & resources sounds.zip3.79 mb18/09/ - sounds vikingsisters.pak123 kb18/09/2017vikingsisters.pak - languages & textures vikingsisters.xml2.46 kb18/09/2017vikingsisters.xml - languages vikingsisters.txt7.60 kb18/09/2017vikingsisters.txt - languages link for the download don't forget to add the path in your steam apps data folder new update


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