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[S17E4] And Then There Were Three

Chris Zimmer I agree that this was an outstanding episode and as you said a hard one to watch, but an important subject matter. As for Whoopi Goldberg I agree that any seasoned actor could have done that part. As others said, I too forgot she was in the episode. She had limited dialoged until the end court room scene. Also I agree 100% that Esparaza is a scene stealer in a good way. He's so intense, He deserves an Emmy nomination. I do have a question regarding ADA Rafael Barba. As he said he doesn't work for One PP, however the series of events suggest he didn't have the District Attorney General's approval for the press conference. Who is his boss and his boss answers to the Mayor. So do you think there could be ramifications for Barba? This seemed something likely that the Mayor and the DAG would have tried to sweep under the rug. It would put the whole city government in bad light. What Mayor would want that kind of bad press. The Mayor would be ultimately responsible for malfeasance of a department of NYC. New York city council appoints the director of child services.After the press conference it seemed to me that the DAG and the Mayor had no choice but to support him. Barba it seemed to me had other motives another then trying to do the right thing, it was a political leverage move. What do you think?

[S17E4] And Then There Were Three

The maternal comment was of course sexist and insensitive, however people are insensitive and it made it more realistic how people truly are. Although one would think that an ADA assigned to SVU should be more understanding towards other's sensibilities.In reference to the DOCS, of course all major cities' DOCS are under staffed and under founded, but it's not an excuse for falsify visits and lying. No one twists those people's arms to take those jobs. So if they were to do so they should suffer the consequences. I know many go into that field wanting to help children and families. I'm sure many do outstanding jobs. Like any other government job there are good and bad. But seldom do you hear about the good people that under such adversity they wake up each day, go to work and do the best they can do under the circumstances.

I would like to see Jackson Zane return to SVU. He was that photo journalist, that after writing an article exposing that there was an anthrax leak in New York, he was sent to prison, he refused to divulge his source (Olivia Benson) to the authorities and served 5 years for obstruction of justice. His prison term is obviously over. I think he should reemerge, like he has photo evidence of some top tier future 500 or politician involved in some questionable situation. I loved the chemistry he had with Benson. They clicked professional and didn't get the chance to be romantic, even though in my opinion they were attracted to each other. It would be a cool story arc for Benson. Zane out of all the men she had contact with was an upstanding guy, he went to prison for her.

This episode only served to remind us of the case from several years ago where the social worker ends up killing herself because she was an overworked, neglectful Child Protective Services employee. This episode wasn't powerful (Whoopi's speech wasn't a breakdown; it was simply the truth). It wasn't suspenseful. It was like a book report. Nobody ended up changing or making things better. And then there was Dodd's cheesy comment at the end that we can't save them all. Carisi made a dumb comment too that Keith would end up fine. I mean the what heck?! If the message was that things don't change because the system is too complicated to be changed, then make that point more clearly. This episode's message seemed to be c'est la vie!

This was a very strong episode. Great showcase for Raul Esparza & Whoopi Goldberg.To be a case worker for child protective services must be one of the hardest and most thankless jobs there is.It is a job that nobody notices being done until something goes terribly wrong. To me the mirror reference was for all of us living our nice lives, ignoring the ugliness of society until we're reminded of it by an incident such as this. Then suddenly as a society we're judgmental and start pointing fingers.I am not condoning the mistakes and cover ups by the CPS in this episode but it did pose tough questions. I felt for the case worker Keith because as we all know, and Carisi pointed out being low on the totem pole is a bad place to be.As for Barba's "maternal" reference I didn't even really notice it. I certainly didn't see it as sexist. Maybe it's perception. I am a mother and if someone said to me my "maternal" instincts were affecting my judgment I'd probably be empowered by the comment. I don't know, might depend on the situation and context. I still find Benson's fast track to Lieutenant a bit hard to believe and if she's still out on the street involving herself in cases at that level it will be a stretch. I guess though it had to be done. She couldn't run the squad as a Sergeant forever. Would have been more realistic if someone had been brought in as her superior though.As for Rollins speedy pregnancy well we just have to suspend our disbelief. The episode date should have been adjusted to accommodate.I know it's only early in the new season but this is the standout episode for me so far. The two part opener for me at least was a bit of a fizzer and Transgender Bridge whilst somewhat better didn't grab me either.

@Ana Andrade - I get you. AR & the possible baby daddy feels wrong for me as well but it is also for that reason it feels right. I'm not sure I can explain my thinking but the parallels to Patton is just so obvious (I don't for a second think AR was forced in to this one though, this was mutual in my world) so I hope it will make them address her rape. When/if Liv finds out the potential baby daddy she has to question it. If they go there (making HIM the baby daddy) I think it happened at a time when they were both in fragile states (she missing Amaro, he still reeling after or still being deep UC) & even though I believe she certainly had a part in it, he should never had allowed it to happen. Well all that mess just intrigues me :) And them keeping his name out of the list of guest stars makes me suspect him as baby daddy even more

It was an ok episode....I just felt that maybe a 3 year old couldn't get out of a dog crate but an 8 almost nine year old!?! Give me a break she would have let herself out of that crate as soon as someone left the apt.Looked easy enough to get out of and not padlocked as Benson just pulled it open.I also take issue with Benson always leaving her command and going out on cases. I don't think that would really happen.And no offense but that would be too weird to have Harry Hamlin as the father of Amanda's baby, especially if he raped her in the past. That's just beyond creepy. I guess I wouldn't mind a relationship between Benson and Dodds. I did like the chemistry between the two of them this episode. But his son coming to SVU might throw a hitch into any kind of relationship between them.As far as the "maternal" comment made by Barba, I didn't find that offensive or sexist. He was talking to two mothers, making sure they weren't wanting to pursue this case because of their emotions. If he would have said that at the press conference then yeah, I would have had a problem with it. If you think back, he isn't always the most sensitive to other peoples emotions, especially when under stress which may be Don't you remember him accusing Benson of motherhood making her soft? I have to friends who worked for DHS and others who work in family court.A lot of what Whoopi said is true. You can't or wouldn't even want to imagine the horrible cases they encounter. Actually, sadly this episode was mild to some they have had...

Before he was recruited into the Freelancer program, David was enlisted into the UNSC during the Great War, where he completed his basic training at the Leonis-Minoris system. Afterward, David became an Army Corporal and bounced around different systems until he and his squad were attacked by the aliens one day. Fortunately, David managed to save his platoon but disobeyed orders from his Staff Sergeant to do so. David then injured his Sergeant, which resulted in him being court-martialed.

In his early days, Washington was one of the worst agents, teased by higher ranked members for incidents such as throwing a grenade without removing the pin. Thus he spent much time with The Triplets: Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho. Still, eventually he climbed to the top ten of the leaderboard and became a regular in the Project's missions. At one time, Washington was listed as the sixth-ranked Freelancer. After a failed mission with C.T., Washington tries to console her, but she pushes him away. She then explains that the missions decide between the best and worst Freelancers and that Wash had better choose whose side he's on soon. Hours later, Agent North Dakota approaches Wash, worried that "Internals" had questioned the latter about his use of equipment on a mission. Wash tells him not to worry, but their conversation is interrupted when a group of soldiers head towards the training floor. Wash and North head there as well and witness Maine, Wyoming, and York fighting Agent Texas.

When York is injured during the fight, Wash, Carolina, North, South, and C.T. rush down to his aid. The Director then enters and yells at the Freelancers. When Wash tries to defend himself, saying that Maine and Wyoming weren't following protocol, the Director angrily responds that the enemy won't follow protocol either. Wash is later seen in the briefing room with most of the other Freelancers, preparing for the mission to retrieve the Sarcophagus. He's assigned to Team A, along with Maine, Carolina, and a recovered York. 041b061a72


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