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Discover the Magic of Virgin River with Robyn Carr's Second Chance Pass - Book 5 of the Series

Second Chance Pass: A Heartwarming Romance Novel by Robyn Carr

If you are looking for a romance novel that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, then you might want to check out Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr. This is the fifth book in the popular Virgin River series, which follows the lives and loves of a small community in a remote mountain town. In this book, you will meet Vanessa Rutledge, a young widow who is trying to move on after losing her husband Matt, a marine who died in combat. You will also meet Paul Haggerty, Matt's best friend and fellow marine, who has been secretly in love with Vanessa for years. As they navigate their complicated feelings and face unexpected challenges, they will discover that sometimes love can find a way to heal even the deepest wounds.

robyn carr virgin river series book 5


Second Chance Pass is a contemporary romance novel written by Robyn Carr, a New York Times bestselling author who has written over sixty books in various genres. It was published in January 2009 by MIRA Books, an imprint of Harlequin that specializes in women's fiction. It is part of the Virgin River series, which currently has twenty-two books and several novellas. The series has been adapted into a Netflix original show, which premiered in December 2019 and has been renewed for a fourth season.

The main characters of Second Chance Pass are Vanessa Rutledge and Paul Haggerty, who have been introduced in previous books as supporting characters. Vanessa is a nurse practitioner who works at a clinic in Virgin River, where she was born and raised. She married Matt Rutledge, her high school sweetheart, when he joined the marines. They had a happy marriage until Matt was killed in action in Iraq, leaving Vanessa pregnant with their son David. Paul Haggerty is also a marine who served with Matt and was his closest friend. He has always had feelings for Vanessa, but he never acted on them out of respect for Matt. He has been helping Vanessa with her son and her house, hoping that one day she will see him as more than a friend.

Plot Summary

The story begins with Vanessa giving birth to David at her home in Virgin River, with the help of Melinda Monroe, the town's midwife and heroine of the first book in the series. Paul is also there, as he has been Vanessa's constant support since Matt's death. He is overjoyed to see David, who looks like Matt, and he feels a strong bond with him. He also realizes that he is still in love with Vanessa, but he doesn't know how to tell her or if she will ever reciprocate his feelings.

Vanessa is grateful for Paul's help, but she is also confused by her own emotions. She loves Paul as a friend, but she also feels a growing attraction to him that she can't deny. She is afraid of betraying Matt's memory and of hurting Paul if she can't give him what he deserves. She is also worried about how the people of Virgin River will react to their relationship, especially Matt's parents, who are still grieving for their son.

As Vanessa and Paul try to sort out their feelings, they face another obstacle in the form of Nikki Burgess, a young woman who claims to be pregnant with Paul's child. Nikki is a former marine who served with Paul and Matt, and she had a one-night stand with Paul before he left for his last tour of duty. She shows up in Virgin River, hoping that Paul will marry her and take care of her and the baby. Paul is shocked by Nikki's news, but he agrees to take responsibility for his actions. He tells Vanessa that he still loves her, but he can't abandon Nikki or his child.

Vanessa is heartbroken by Paul's decision, but she understands his sense of duty and honor. She decides to let him go and focus on her son and her career. However, she can't forget him or the connection they shared. She also suspects that Nikki is not telling the truth about her pregnancy or her motives. She decides to investigate Nikki's background and find out the truth.

Meanwhile, Paul is unhappy with his situation with Nikki, who turns out to be a manipulative and selfish woman who doesn't care about him or the baby. He realizes that he made a mistake by letting Vanessa go, and he wants to win her back. He also discovers that Nikki lied to him about several things, including the paternity of the baby.

With the help of their friends and family in Virgin River, Vanessa and Paul manage to overcome their difficulties and find their way back to each other. They realize that they are meant to be together, and that they have a second chance at love and happiness. They also welcome David into their family, along with another surprise baby that Vanessa didn't know she was expecting.

Themes and Messages

Second Chance Pass explores several themes and messages that are relevant to the readers and the real world. Some of them are:

  • The power of love: The book shows how love can heal the wounds of the past and give hope for the future. Vanessa and Paul both suffer from loss and guilt, but they find comfort and joy in each other's arms. They also learn to trust their feelings and follow their hearts.

  • The importance of family: The book emphasizes how family can provide support and guidance in times of need. Vanessa and Paul both have loving families who stand by them and help them with their problems. They also create their own family with David and their other children, who bring them happiness and fulfillment.

  • The value of friendship: The book highlights how friendship can enrich one's life and offer solace and advice in times of trouble. Vanessa and Paul both have loyal friends who care about them and want them to be happy. They also make new friends in Virgin River, who welcome them into their community and share their joys and sorrows.

  • The meaning of home: The book illustrates how home can be a place where one feels safe and comfortable, regardless of where it is or what it looks like. Vanessa and Paul both find their home in Virgin River, where they belong and where they can be themselves. They also make their home in each other's hearts, where they feel loved and accepted.

These themes and messages reflect Robyn Carr's style and vision as a romance writer who creates realistic and relatable stories that touch the readers' emotions and inspire them to believe in love.

Reviews and Reception

Reviews and Reception

Second Chance Pass received positive reviews from critics and readers alike, who praised Robyn Carr's writing skills and storytelling abilities. It was rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on, based on 7,151 customer ratings. It was also rated 4.21 out of 5 stars on, based on 17,008 ratings. Some of the praises and criticisms that the book received are:

  • "Robyn Carr has done it again... What I love about these books is that they are not just about the romance of a couple but also about the romance of a town and its people." - The Book Reading Gals

  • "This book had me laughing out loud one minute and reaching for tissues the next. The characters are so well developed that I feel like I know them personally. The plot is engaging and realistic, with enough twists and turns to keep me hooked." - Night Owl Romance

  • "I listened to Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr on Audible Escape. Fresh off telling my buddy Amy Novelgossip that I needed a bigger update on Mel & Jack, Robyn give it to us! Although they are not the main characters in Second Chance Pass, we get some big updates on our favorite couple & I love every minute of it. Second Chance Pass is the ultimate second chance romance. We get not only one, but two, second chance romances. I just about squealed by my damn head off! I love it. Therese delivers the narration once again." - Reading in Pajamas

  • "I had a hard time with this book. I didn't like Paul or Vanessa very much. They were both wishy-washy and indecisive. Paul was too noble for his own good, and Vanessa was too insecure for mine. I also didn't like how Nikki was portrayed as a villain without any redeeming qualities. She was just a plot device to create conflict." - Dear Author

  • "This book was boring and predictable. Nothing much happened except for a lot of talking and crying. The characters were flat and clichéd. The dialogue was cheesy and repetitive. The writing was mediocre and full of errors. The romance was rushed and unbelievable. I don't understand why this series is so popular." - Amazon Customer

Overall, Second Chance Pass was well-received by most fans of Robyn Carr and the Virgin River series. It was praised for its emotional depth, its realistic portrayal of grief and healing, its warm and cozy atmosphere, its charming and relatable characters, and its satisfying and uplifting ending. It was criticized for its slow pace, its lack of originality, its contrived conflicts, its stereotypical villains, and its poor editing.


In conclusion, Second Chance Pass is a heartwarming romance novel that tells the story of Vanessa Rutledge and Paul Haggerty, two people who have lost their first loves and find a second chance at happiness with each other. It is part of the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr, which follows the lives and loves of a small community in a remote mountain town. It is a book that explores themes such as love, family, friendship, home, grief, forgiveness, courage, and hope.

I personally enjoyed reading this book, as I am a fan of Robyn Carr and the Virgin River series. I liked how she created realistic and likable characters that I could relate to and root for. I liked how she balanced the drama and the humor in her stories, making me laugh and cry along with the characters. I liked how she made me feel part of the Virgin River community, with its cozy and welcoming vibe.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes contemporary romance novels that are sweet, emotional, and uplifting. I would also recommend reading the previous books in the series first, as they provide more background information and context for the characters and their relationships.

If you have read this book or plan to read it, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your views with me and other readers.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Second Chance Pass and the Virgin River series:

What is the order of the Virgin River series?The order of the Virgin River series is as follows:

- Book 1: Virgin River

- Book 2: Shelter Mountain

- Book 3: Whispering Rock

- Book 4: A Virgin River Christmas

- Book 5: Second Chance Pass

- Book 6: Temptation Ridge

- Book 7: Paradise Valley

- Book 8: Under the Christmas Tree (novella)

- Book 9: Forbidden Falls

- Book 10: Angel's Peak

- Book 11: Moonlight Road

- Book 12: Midnight Confessions (novella)

- Book 13: Promise Canyon

- Book 14: Wild Man Creek

- Book 15: Harvest Moon

- Book 16: Bring Me Home for Christmas

- Book 17: Hidden Summit

- Book 18: Redwood Bend

- Book 19: Sunrise Point

- Book 20: My Kind of Christmas

- Book 21: Return to Virgin River

  • - Book 22: Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

  • Is Second Chance Pass a standalone novel or do I need to read the previous books first?Second Chance Pass can be read as a standalone novel, as it has its own plot and characters. However, it is better to read the previous books first, as they introduce the main characters and their backgrounds, and also show the development of their relationships and the growth of the Virgin River community. Reading the previous books will also enhance your enjoyment and understanding of Second Chance Pass, as you will be more familiar with the setting, the tone, and the style of the series.

  • Is there a TV adaptation of Second Chance Pass or the Virgin River series?Yes, there is a TV adaptation of the Virgin River series, which is produced by Netflix. It premiered in December 2019 and has been renewed for a fourth season. The TV show is loosely based on the books, as it changes some of the characters, events, and timelines. However, it still captures the essence and the spirit of the series, and features some of the same actors and actresses who played the characters in the books. Second Chance Pass has not been adapted into a TV episode yet, but it might be in the future seasons.

  • Where can I buy or read Second Chance Pass online?You can buy or read Second Chance Pass online from various platforms, such as, Barnes &,, Apple Books, Google Play Books,,, and more. You can also check out your local library or bookstore for a physical copy of the book.

  • Who is Robyn Carr and what are some of her other works?Robyn Carr is a RITA Award-winning, eleven-time #1 New York Times bestselling author of over sixty novels in various genres. She is best known for her contemporary romance series, such as Virgin River, Sullivan's Crossing, Thunder Point, Grace Valley, and The Summer That Made Us. She also writes historical romance, women's fiction, suspense, and nonfiction. Some of her other works are A Family Affair, The House on Olive Street, The Life She Wants, The Hero, Blue Skies Tomorrow, By Right of Arms, and Mind Tryst. You can visit her website at to learn more about her and her books.



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