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New Software Update 14.0.4 Available For New Nokia Asha

This is to update you about my new Nokia Asha 501 Mobile which i took recently on 17th April 2014, the issue in it when i updated 14.0.4 software sucessfully my whatsapp gets hang aswell my battery gets drain soon Kindly do the needful soon as soon as possible.

New Software Update 14.0.4 Available For New Nokia Asha

hello ashish siri update the preinstall version of facebook in nokia asha 501 so now i cant recive push notification .. in old version i recive push notification ples help me that i remove the facebook updated version nd get my preinstall version :???

In future can i record my incoming call or outgoing call from this nokia 501?Also in asha 501 wifi is there, but in wifi setting there is no option of proxy setting to enter the proxy address?In my college , to connect the wifi there is need of proxy address to connect the wifi.I have wifi in my asha 501 but due to missing of proxy setting i am unable to connect the wifi?

Sirmy phone is nokia asha 503 but i didnt get wi fi connection in my phone in screen we can see that wi fi is connected but we cant get internet connection a guy told to me that in my phone no proxy settings to set the proxy address what can i do sir pls give an answer

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