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Resident Evil Apocalypse Download LINK Full Movie

For now, this was a fun project. I hadn't ever tried digging through all of the Resident Evil movies in such proximity to one another. The continuity of the movies is held by the same clip holding the girl at the beginning of Cliffhanger - but that's okay. Milla is a game player here and a holds the series together. Paul W.S. Anderson maintains a consistent energy to these films even if they don't approach the steady creepiness of his masterpiece Event Horizon. Each of these movies is entertaining in their own weird little way - the first film is legit the best of the series - but even The Final Chapter offers some genuine entertainment value. It all depends on if this franchise is your particular brand of spread or not. If you're only a fan of a couple of these, a full box set may not be the best route even at the low sale prices hitting stores this holiday season.

Resident Evil Apocalypse Download Full Movie


Resident Evil: Retribution Reportedly shot digitally at 5K and finished on a 2K Digital Intermediate, Retribution enjoys benefits of time and technology over Afterlife. Again, this movie was shot with 3-D in mind so there are a number of shots and specific scenes that have oddly composited visuals which make sense if you were watching a 3-D Blu-ray but look just odd flat. Thankfully that's not as bad an issue with this film as Afterlife. Details remain robust and lifelike without becoming overly cartoonish. The color pallet as a whole also gains a welcome boost with HDR10 giving flesh tones a healthy natural tone while giving primaries some welcome pop. Whites are brilliantly crisp without blooming. CGI effects still have a weightless quality to them, made more obvious with HDR, but they're at least well-rendered and hold better than the previous film. All around a satisfying upgrade from 2-D, but I'll still be keeping my 3-D disc as my preferred viewing experience.4/5

Extinction has an equally impressive Atmos mix as Apocalypse but for different reasons. Apocalypse was a close and claustrophobic city movie where Extinction is a wide-open road movie and it actually feels open. The spacing of sound elements compared to the original DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix is immediately appreciable. The crow attack is a particular highlight with the full soundstage employed with terrific vertical usage and for closed combat action, the dog attack scene early on is another great moment for this new mix to give your system a workout. Dialog is clean and clear throughout without issues and levels are spot on. 5/5

The Final Chapter again isn't a great movie but it cleaned itself up considerably after Retribution and delivers an Atmos mix to match. With the frantic and kinetic action sequences, this mix keeps the pace beautifully. Whether Alice is fighting on a motorcycle or on top of an assault transport shooting stabbing or crunching zombies, this mix is loud and aggressive keeping front, side, rear, and overhead channels active and moving at virtually all times. While this is an aggressive mix, it thankfully doesn't sound overworked allowing some breathing room so you can appreciate the activity when it fires up. I may not love this conclusion, but it sounds fantastic. 5/5

Important Notice: This German 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse' disc is one of the first HD DVDs to be flagged with an Image Constraint Token. If your HD DVD player is connected by HDMI to your display, there should be no issue in viewing the movie at its full 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, viewers connected by Component Video will find the image downconverted to 480p Standard Definition. This is extremely disappointing, to say the least.

Need something a bit scarier? Tee up the back half of the week with a full run of Resident Evil movies, then roll into the weekend with SYFY Rewind, which is digging deeper into SYFY fan favorite Warehouse 13.

Earlier this week, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves told the ELSPA International Games Summit in London that when the PSP eventually arrives in Europe at the start of September, it may launch with as many as 25 UMD movie titles.


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