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45 Chapter 2. Installation 2.3 Setting the Network IP Address and Other Network Settings Setting the Network IP Address via the Serial Console A serial console is a connection over a serial port that allows a person access to a computer or network device. Using MS Windows, the default program is Hyper Terminal. Other utilities may be substituted. Steps to activate the serial console and set the IP Address (or any other Network Setting) of the ENIU. 1) Activate the serial console on your PC with parameters as shown in Figure 33. 2) Open the hinged door on the ENIU module to reveal a pushbutton and two LEDs. 3) Connect your PC to the µusb port of the ENIU, as discussed in Section ) Briefly depress the pushbutton (located just below the MAINT LED). This forces the ENIU to enter serial console mode. In this mode, the ENIU permits configuration of the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway address interactively. If inactive for more than 3 minutes the ENIU will exit this mode and resume normal mode. 5) Once the console is communicating with the PC, the MAINT LED turns green. 6) The serial console displays information of the ENIU (current IP parameters, MAC Address, Version information), as shown in Figure 35. 7) Follow the on-screen instructions to change the modifiable parameters, such as IP Address. Figure 35: Display of ENIU Parameters on Serial Console 8) Once the IP address is set successfully, the confirmation message is displayed, as shown in Figure 36. For the IP Address change to be effective, power cycle the ENIU or re-download the ENIU configuration. Figure 36: Changing IP Address via Serial Console Note: For IC200EBI001-MH or later revisions, the user cannot set the IP address using PME Set Temporary IP Address tool. 34 VersaMax* System Ethernet Network Interface Unit GFK-1860C

multi cdma tool free download


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