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one of the things that happened during this period is a mechanization of agriculture, shimek says. and so by mechanization, you could take plants and grow crops in four-week cycles instead of 12-month cycles.


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in the 1950s, students at the university of massachusetts noticed the decline of the daffodil fields. an organized effort was started to save the daffodils. university professor david j. schindel was involved in bringing daffodils to campus.

downloads of the book for technical notes (4 levels) and soil-water box can be downloaded for free. to find out which page of the book you are reading, in the header of the book you have at the moment, you can put the cursor in the header and press esc. afterwards you will see the current page number in the tag.

the best thing about this book is that i can actually use it, simply because the content has been up-to-date. content wise, dr. suresh is a pioneer in this whole area. it is not only about his work but there are also reflections on science, cultural issues, language etc. what i like to see are real world cases illustrating how science is applied by real scientists. thus, this is a science book which empowers us to better understand what science is. many people are not like us and i guess that is why suresh's book is popular.

the quality of the text is very good. the content too is well integrated. and the transition between chapters is smooth. the problem is that it does not have the index. but the editors have done a very good job of indexing the rest of the book in the supplement section.


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