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The Station Agent Torrent

Torrent Company inducted two new ARC troopers into their ranks after they lost the rest of their crew on an outpost. Their names were Fives, CT-27-5555, and Echo, CT-21-0408. Then six new rookie troopers joined Rex, Coric, and Ahsoka Tano with Leveler, an Acclamator-class assault ship. They received a transmission from Agent Hallena Devis, a Republic Intel agent in distress. So the small division of Torrent Company went to go and help her. They successfully extracted the agent, but during their mission, they lost Vere from a grenade blast and Ince from blood loss. Rex was then tasked with the assignment of getting new troopers in their ranks.

The Station Agent torrent

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Ever since he had arrived, with the noisy reception at the station, thehurrahs, the deafening music, handshakes here, crowding there, thepushing and elbowing of more than a thousand people who had throngedthe streets of Alcira to get a close look at him, this was the firstmoment he had found himself alone, his own master, able to do exactly ashe pleased, without needing to smile automatically in all directions andwelcome with demonstrations of affection persons whose faces he couldscarcely recall.

He reached the open space in front of the house and once more foundthere the same murmuring palms, the same rubblework benches with seatsand backs of flowered tile that he knew so well. There, in fact, she hadso often laughed at his feverish protestations.

Along with all this combativeness, he sought to win friends by a lavishhand that was his father's torment. He "did favors," assured a living,that is, to every loafer and bully in town. He was ready to be "touched"by anyone who could serve, in tavern and café, as advertising agent ofhis rising fame.

Throughout the great valley, orange groves, extending like shimmeringwaves of velvet; hedges and enclosures of lighter green, cutting thecrimson earth into geometric figures; clumps of palms spurting like jetsof verdure upward toward the sky, and falling off again in languorousswoons; villas blue and rose-colored, nestling in flowering gardens;white farmhouses half concealed behind green swirls of forest; spindlingsmokestacks of irrigation engines, with yellow sooty tops; Alcira, itshouses clustered on the island and overflowing to the opposite bank, allof whitish, bony hue, pock-marked with tiny windows; beyond, Carcagente,the rival city, girdled in its belt of leafy orchards; off toward thesea, sharp, angular mountains, with outlines that from afar suggestedthe fantastic castles imagined by Doré; and inland, the towns of theupper ribera floating in an emerald lake of orchard, the distantmountains taking on a violet hue from the setting sun that was creepinglike a bristly porcupine of gold into the hot vapors of the horizon.

In don Ramón's judgment, the Doctor was a good sort, though his head mayhave been a bit turned by books. He knew him very well: they had beenschoolmates together, and Rafael's father had never cared to join thehue and cry against Doctor Moreno. The one thing that seemed to botherhim was that, as soon as the Republic was proclaimed, the Doctor'sfriends were eager to send him as a deputy to the Constituent Assemblyof '73. That lunatic a deputy! Whereas he, the friend and agent of somany Conservative ministries, had never dared think of the office forhimself, because of the fairly superstitious awe in which he held it!The end of the world was surely coming!

It rained day and night; and yet the city, from its animation, seemed tobe having a holiday. The young ones, sent home from school because ofthe bad weather, were all on the bridges throwing branches into thewater to see how swift the current was, or playing along the lanes closeto the river, planting sticks in the banks and waiting for theever-broadening torrent to reach them.

In the narrow gorge between the Old City and the New, the swollentorrent swept them along like lightning. The barber used his oars justto keep the boat away from the shore. Submerged rocks sent greatwhirlpools to the surface and pulled the boat this way and that. Thelight of the torch cast a dull reddish glow out over the muddy eddies.Tree trunks, refuse, dead animals, went floating by, shapeless masseswith only a few dark points visible above the surface, as though somedead man covered with mud were swimming under water. Out on thatswirling current, with the slimy vapors of the river rising to hisnostrils and the eddies sucking and boiling all around, Rafael thoughthimself the victim of a weird nightmare and began even to repent of hisrashness. Cries kept coming from houses close to the river; windows weresuddenly lighted up; and from them great shadowy arms like the wings ofa windmill waved in greeting to that red flame which people saw glidingpast along the river, bringing the outlines of the boat and the two meninto distinct view. The news of their expedition had spread throughoutthe city and people were on the watch for them as they sped by: "Vivadon Rafael! Viva Brull!"

"Poor Macchia! He was a good boy, and deserved to be happy. But if Iwere to surrender to every desperate protestation made to me!...However, he went and did just what he said he would do.... How crazythey get! And the worst of it is, I have found others like him in mytravels."

"I've become a regular peasant, haven't I?" she said, as if she couldread in Rafael's eyes his astonishment at the transformation she hadundergone. "It's life in the open that works such miracles: today onefrill, tomorrow another, and a woman eventually gets rid of everythingthat was once a part of her body almost. I feel better this way....Would you believe it? I've actually deserted my dressing-table, and theperfume I used lies all forsaken and forlorn. Fresh water, plenty offresh water ... that's what I like. I'm a long way from the Leonora whohad to paint herself every night like a clown before she could appearbefore an audience. Take a good look at me! Well ... what do you think?You might mistake me for one of your vassals almost, eh? I'll bet thatif I had gone out this morning to join your demonstration at the stationyou wouldn't have recognized me in the crowd."

And, Leonora was thrilled as she heard in her memory the murmur of theorchestra accompanying the song of tenderness inspired by Spring; therustle of the forest branches benumbed by the winter, now swaying withthe new sap that had flowed into them like a torrent of vitality; andout on the brightly lighted plazoleta she could almost see Sigmund andSiglinda clasping in an eternal unseverable embrace, as she had seenthem from the wings of the opera, where she would be waiting as aValkyrie to step out and set an audience wild with her mighty"Hojotoho!"

While the others were getting the sobbing mother to bed, and sending forthe doctor, don Andrés had made for the station to catch the express. Hecould tell from the way people looked at him that everybody knew whathad been going on. Gossip had already connected the excitement in theBrull mansion with Rafael's taking the early train! He had been seen byseveral persons, in spite of his precautions.

He had been there eight years; though he had almost lost count of thetimes he had been "duly elected" in the capricious ups and downs ofSpanish politics, which give to Parliaments only a fleeting existence.The ushers, the personnel of the Secretariat, the guards and janitors,treated him with deferential intimacy, as a comrade on a somewhat higherlevel, but as much of a fixture as they were to the Spanish Congress. Hewas not one of those men who are miraculously washed into office on thecrest of a reform wave, but never succeed in repeating the trick, andspend the rest of their lives idling on the sofas of the ConferenceChamber, with wistful memories of lost greatness, waiting to enterCongress afternoons, to preserve their standing as ex-deputies, andforever hoping that their party will some day return to power, so thatonce again they may sit on the red benches. No, don Rafael Brull was agentleman with a District all his own: he came with a clean, undisputedand indisputable certificate of election, whether his own party or theOpposition were in the saddle. For lack of other discoverable merit inhim, his fellow-partisans would say: "Brull is one of the few who comehere on honest returns." His name did not figure brilliantly in theCongressional record, but there was not an employee, not a journalist,not a member of the "ex-honorables" who, on noticing the word "Brull" onall the committees, did not at once exclaim: "Ah, yes! Brull ... ofAlcira." 350c69d7ab


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