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Youre No Different

On the darker side, this trope can also be used to lampshade the fact that our hero is really just a hair's breadth away from villainy. In these specific cases, it's almost always the villain who is the first to notice: our hero has him cornered and even seems to relish the prospect of finally ridding himself of his nemesis, and the villain deftly points out, "We're not so different after all", commonly as a way to guilt-trip the hero. This may also be used to try to sway the hero to join his side. The hero realizes how close he is to crossing the line, and spares the villain (though every once in a great while, he'll decide that it's worth crossing the line, off the villain anyway, and then have several episodes of moral anguish over the darkness in his soul: see Shoot the Dog). Especially common when the villain is the hero's Evil Counterpart.

Youre No Different

In lighter cases not involving a hero and villain situation, expect the other side to protest strongly with something like, "I'm not like you! I'll never be like you!" when the person they are feuding with points it out. Another common rebuttal is when one side acknowledges that they do share some similarities with the other, but are sufficiently different where it matters.

Contrast with Not So Similar. Also compare Shared Family Quirks (when two seemingly different family members have something in common behavior-wise), Hitler Ate Sugar (when this trope is stretched to the point of becoming a fallacy) and Too Much Alike (when two characters don't get along because of their similarities). See also Mirroring Factions.

  • Radio How Green Was My Cactus: "Boris and Gorby go to McDonald's" is about Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin opening up to western capitalism. Their experience with fast food gives them the following revelation: "Is not so different! We stand for ages in queue to get served by pimply little people who work like hell for rotten veggies, and the food is terrible!"

  • Visual Novels Ace Attorney: Damon Gant accuses Miles Edgeworth of this. He says that they both have the same hatred of crime, and that eventually, Edgeworth will cross the line just to seal away someone he knows is guilty. Edgeworth, thoroughly rattled, leaves the prosecutors' office and doesn't come back until he's certain he can prosecute a case and seek the truth, not just a Guilty verdict or another "win" for his record.

  • In Justice For All Acro, in the third case, remarks that Phoenix and Franziska von Karma are remarkably similar, that they both see the world through the same rose-colored glasses. Phoenix vilifies her for manipulating evidence in her favor, telling witnesses not to discuss things that don't make sense with her theories. However, Phoenix willingly defends a client he knows to be guilty, even accusing an innocent woman and using the evidence against her, albeit under threat of his friend Maya being killed.

  • In Ace Attorney Investigations 2, Franziska comes to sympathize with Sebastian after seeing how terribly his father treats him, and in the ending, expresses concern for him, as he will have to live up to his father just like she will have to live up to hers.

  • Ikemen Sengoku has several cases: Kenshin's Romantic route has Kenshin himself acknowledge that he's not so different from Kennyo in how his hatred and desire for revenge threatened to consume the better, more moral side of him, and say that Kennyo might have been able to pull himself back from the path of destruction like he did if he had received the support and love of someone like the MC.

  • A few cases come up in Katawa Shoujo: Hisao notes that, like Hanako, he has allowed his disability to define him, preventing him from opening up to others or thinking about his future.

  • Shizune and Lilly, may be at odds over how to run the Student Council, but at heart, Lilly is almost as competitive as Shizune. This is particularly evident in the fishing scene in Shizune's route, and when after they reconcile in Lilly's route, Shizune lightheartedly challenges Lilly to do better at her new school, a challenge Lilly accepts.

  • Hisao: Competitive until the last. Maybe Lilly and Shizune aren't so different, after all. In Fate/stay night, during their final confrontation, Shirou finally admits to himself that he and Kotomine are alike in many ways, from their inability to find happiness in themselves to viewing themselves as sinners.

  • In Kindred Spirits on the Roof, Sachi Enoki, the older of the two kindred spirits observes Miki Aihara, a third-year vice-president of the beautification committee, and observes a number of similarities between them. Both are kind-hearted young women who are more vulnerable than they let on, but gradually find the courage to be themselves through their relationships with their younger girlfriends.

  • In Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair, Raiko and Momoko hit it off surprisingly well when they first speak. Raiko notices that one thing they have in common is that they don't have many people close to them; Raiko is only close with her Childhood Friend Nobara, as well as their friends Runa and Rie, while Momoko has her best friend Kamen and her new boyfriend Hiro. Late in the game, after Momoko is revealed to have killed herself and Hiro in a Murder-Suicide in order to frame Kamen as revenge for Hiro supposedly cheating on her with Kamen, Raiko once again notes their similarities, and wonders what she would do if Nobara betrayed her the way Kamen supposedly betrayed Momoko.

  • Web Animation Holidaze establishes through Jingle and Jangle's friendship that Halloween and Christmas are not so different from each other. They both like candy (Jingle offers a candy cane, Jangle summons a mountain of Halloween candy with a magic trick), they both have holiday-themed drinks (Jangle enjoying a peppermint latte, Jingle having pumpkin-spice), they both have their own scary stories (Jangle taking Jingle to a monster movie, both of them later meeting Krampus) and they both think very little of Thanksgiving (both of them mocking a turkey with a pilgrim hat, presumably Thanksgiving's arbiter).

  • DarkMatter2525: "More Communist than the Communists" points out that all of the features fundamentalist Christians (rightly) denounce regarding Communist states (as a way to attack atheism by association) would be worse in the Heaven and Hell they posit.

  • RWBY: When arguing about the missing Blake, Yang and Weiss end up confronting each other over their family situations while growing up. Yang assumes she and Weiss have very different family backgrounds until Weiss clarifies the nuances: Yang and Ruby lost both of their mothers at a young age leaving Yang to raise Ruby since their father was busy working. Weiss learned on her tenth birthday that her father only married her mother for the family company causing her mother to retreat into alcoholism and quit parenting. They've both had lonely childhoods, they just manifest their loneliness in different ways. Yang ends up apologizing for having made assumptions about Weiss's upbringing.

  • When Raven expresses disgust at how far Cinder's willing to go for power and calls her a monster, Cinder retorts "Look who's talking!" While it seems like little more than a Lame Comeback at the time, it's revealed in the very next episode that Raven killed the previous Spring Maiden and took her power for herself, just as Cinder killed Amber for the Fall Maiden power.

  • Oscar confronts Ironwood over the General's rapidly-slipping moral code with this accusation, claiming that Ironwood's paranoia and Control Freak tendencies are making him just as dangerous as Salem. Ironwood responds by pulling out Due Process and blasting Oscar in the chest.

  • Web Videos Gameboys Invoked by Terrence on Pearl. She vehemently refuses as she's long moved on from Gavreel.

  • Also invoked by Terrence on Gavreel when he was pleading with him to take him back. Terrence then later forces Cairo to admit his true feelings for Gavreel. Later we witness Gavreel forcing Wesley to admit his feelings for Cairo in much the same way.

  • Both Cairo & Gavreel tend to put other people first before their own feelings. Lampshaded by Cairo's former bestfriend Risa & Cairo respectively.

  • Screen Rant Pitch Meetings: In the pitch meeting for No Time to Die, this trope is lampshaded, when the Producer, hearing Safin about pull this trope on Bond, makes the following remark.Producer: Oh, man, villains love telling heroes how they're not so different from each other.

Mrs. Gump: Remember what I told you, Forrest. You're no different than anybody else is. Did you hear what I said, Forrest? You're the same as everybody else. You are no different.

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