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Optisystem 9 0 Serial

The basic idea of the DP-QPSK modulation format is that the data encoded by DP can be directly mapped into the bit stream of QPSK. Thus, it can carry over the QPSK transmission without modulation and demodulation so as to reduce the hardware and software complexity. At the same time, the information capacity of the system is greatly improved. A serial DP-QPSK format transmission system using the IC Photonics 125 Gbit/s DP-QPSK modulation format was built, a proof-of-concept system was verified and the test results are shown in the paper.

Optisystem 9 0 Serial

the bit stream is demodulated by receiving iq demodulator. it converts the incoming i,q signals into in-phase (i) and quadrature (q) signals. the i,q signals in the two directions are then combined by the polarization combiner to form a single i,q signal with orthogonal polarization. this pair of i,q signals is then amplified by i,q amplifiers to a large-amplitude i,q signal. after going through an iq modulator and low-pass filter, the 2-bit signal is converted into two serial data symbols (fig. 2).

a serial stream of data consists of a specific pattern of 1s and 0s, not just any sequence of ones and zeros. serial streams typically occupy time slots. a time slot allows for transmission of a single bit of data at a time (perhaps for synchronization purposes, or due to hardware limitations). the data is transmitted in a steady stream of zeros followed by a steady stream of ones. the data is transmitted in a specific sequence in time:


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