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Our Children

The Care We Provide

Older Infants/Toddlers

Little Dreamers Childcare is committed to providing the older infants/toddlers in its care room to be curious and space to learn through discoveries. We will provide them with activities that allow them to get messy, build and expand their imagination. Educators will give toddlers the words and tools necessary for them to work on and develop social-emotional and problem-solving skills. Children will also receive support as they acquire self-help skills such as taking on and off their shoes, feeding, toileting, etc. 

Preschool Age 

Little Dreamers Childcare will support preschool-age children by expanding their play and providing them with activities that will challenge them. We will do this by asking them open-ended questions to understand what they already know and provide new materials for their knowledge on the subject to grow. Educators will also provide preschool-age children with tools necessary for them to work on social-emotional skills and provide them with language to express their feelings. We will also support this age group with self-help skills such as changing their clothes, cleaning up, toileting, etc. 

School Age 

Little Dreamers Childcare will provide school-age children with activities that are developmentally appropriate and align with their interests . For school-age children that are participating in distance learning, we will be supporting them in keeping to their schedule and making sure they follow through with the work provided to them. School-age children will also be supported in any social-emotional and self-help skills as needed. 

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