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Where Can I Buy An Air Compressor

Air compressors make tough jobs more manageable, continuously turning the surrounding air into a useable power source. Each year, we discover more uses for compressed air, and our air compressor technology has rapidly evolved to keep up with these constantly changing needs. An air compressor can have immediate impacts on your time and energy, saving you immensely when you know which air compressor to buy.

where can i buy an air compressor

All compressors work by using a mechanical component to increase the air pressure and reduce the volume of trapped air. The duty cycle is complete in most models once the maximum air pressure is reached inside the tank.

Rotary screw compressors were explicitly introduced for prolonged heavy-duty and high-precision situations. They are durable and reliable, with extremely high air flow rates, impressive horsepower and fewer moving parts. Most models are oil-flooded, but rotary screw units ensure safe operation even at extreme temperatures. Rotary screw air compressors require less maintenance over time and can undergo high-power applications for extended periods. The continuous airflow and pressurization are particularly valuable for the automobile industry.

The air intake method remains the same whether the unit uses a single-stage or two-stage air compression process. Piston air compressors can produce high power at low energy levels. Its compact design makes the reciprocating air compressor easy to transport and less likely to need repairs.

Scroll compressors can operate at various intensity levels and cover a wide array of industrial air compression needs, including automotive, electronics manufacturing and refrigeration plants. They produce the cleanest air according to IOS industry standards. While some models may require lubrication, especially if they produce higher pressure, many standard scroll compressors feature an oil-free design. Oil-free scroll systems make less noise than other types and are ideal for the pharmaceutical, dental and food industries.

You can easily carry hot-dog and twin-stack compressors around the house for use in different areas. Truck-mounted and wheelbarrow designs are beneficial on construction sites. Choose from several styles of both portable and stationary air compressors to ensure you make a worthwhile investment.

The piston ring used in oil-flooded piston compressors helps form a seal inside the combustion chamber, minimizing the risk of oil contamination. Other prevention methods, like oil separators and air-line filters, can also keep oil from entering the tank. However, oil-flooded models will always risk oil seepage. Specific industries must ensure 100% oil-free air. Even small quantities of contamination can cause costly product losses and production downtime depending on the application.

Oil-free air compressors are designed for clean environments where it is essential to eliminate all oil contamination risks. Because oil-free air compressors are quiet and low maintenance, they can run all day without stopping or slowing down. Oil-free compressors are ideal for around-the-clock operations and applications in the following industries:

Newer air compressor technology removes oil from the lubrication process entirely so you can ensure the air used in your process or product is 100% oil-free. Other technologies like variable speed drive (VSD), variable frequency drive (VFD_ and two-stage piston designs can help oil-flooded compressors have a quieter operation, too.

Reciprocating air compressors are the most widely used type of positive-displacement compressor. They rely on a piston inside a cylinder to compress air and use either a single piston and cylinder to operate or a two-stage process. Standard units for home use are typically single-stage models with one piston cylinder. Two-stage piston compressors maximize the strength of two cylinders instead.

Single-stage reciprocating compressors work by filling the cylinder with air and compressing it in a single piston stroke. These units are best for lower pressure applications since the air is generally compressed to a pressure of approximately 120 PSI. The most common air compressor models for home use are single-stage. They are best used to serve intermittent, light-duty jobs around the house, having limited efficiency and capacity for applications that require a higher pressure of air.

Two-stage piston compressors have two piston cylinders, each with a different diameter. They use the same air intake method as single-stage machines, but the air is compressed through two chambers instead of one. The second, smaller chamber ensures the air is pressurized to the required extent. Most two-stage units reach a higher pressure of approximately 175 PSI. The additional cylinder stage allows these compressors to work more effectively and run more air tools at once.

An air compressor typically consists of a power source, an inlet, a discharge valve, a pump and a storage tank. The inlet draws in surrounding air and the discharge valve releases pressurized air for use. Meanwhile, the pump helps compress the air. Air compressors are usually powered by either an electric or gas motor.

Additional features allow homeowners and businesses to choose air compressor designs that can support any lifestyle or industry. Determine what features you might require to get work done safely and efficiently:

Air compressors with constant speed operation run 100% of the time. Meanwhile, auto start/stop operation stops and starts the airflow at preset pressures or as needed. Your air compressor may utilize one method or dual control compressors that offer both.

The vast number of air compressor makes and models can be overwhelming for any buyer. When you fully consider its intended use, you make a more informed air compressor selection and significantly improve operations.

Air compressors are used for a wide array of applications that can help determine the correct compressor type. Consider whether you need an air compressor for intermittent use or continuous use applications. Rotary screw models offer constant airflow and pressurization, while reciprocating air compressors work best when used intermittently.

What tools do you plan to use with your compressor? All air tools have an average CFM rating. Select an air compressor that can provide the power required for each tool you want to use. It is also crucial to determine how many devices will be used at once. Most single-stage models are intended to handle one-person operating tools. Two-stage piston compressors can efficiently power multiple tools simultaneously for intermittent use applications.

Widen your knowledge about the various uses for air compressors and determine how to make the most of your investment. Different applications for homeowners, contractors and manufacturers call for different types of air compressors.

Inflators are the smallest air compressors, primarily due to the lack of a storage tank. For an inflator to supply compressed air, the motor must run continuously during the project. They are typically used for small household needs like inflating pool floats, tires and sports equipment. Most inflators have the power to drive staple guns or other air tools with small CFM and PSI rates.

When it comes to contractor jobs, professional-grade air compressors provide more power and higher pressurized air for longer periods. These durable air compressors are designed to handle more demanding applications, using the pressurized air more efficiently than other models. Professional-grade units can withstand the rigors of any job site, saving you money with more capability to complete work at greater energy levels and longer run times.

For example, rotary screw compressors and two-stage reciprocating units can effectively run several air tools at once for regular, intermittent use applications. The most common application for contractors is to drive the necessary air-powered tools. Air compressors are often used in small and medium-sized businesses to power many different air tools and machines for various industries, including:

The best type of air compressors for contractors are designed to be durable and portable. For contractors, portability can either mean carrying or wheeling the air compressor around the job site. Consider mounting a mobile air compressor to your truck or wheelbarrow, especially for applications in the construction industry.

Manufacturers who know how to choose an industrial air compressor can maximize their efficiency with improved safety and performance. Because manufacturing industries need reliability, industrial-sized air compressors are designed to provide steady airflow and keep production moving for a more extended period.

Many commercial and industrial-grade air compressors are stationary models with large storage tanks, greater horsepower, more CFM and more PSI. The air tank typically holds up to 120 gallons, allowing for longer run times and more capability to take on demanding applications. Machines with ASME certification indicate the use of high-quality components and advanced technology. Manufacturers should look for ASME-certified units to ensure efficient and reliable performance.

Satisfy various demanding industrial compressed air applications with the best types of air compressors for each industry. For some industries, compressed air is the only option to provide a safer and more reliable power source.

People began using compressed air as far back as the 1500s with an invention called bellows. These small, handheld devices blew air into fires, creating hotter temperatures. Inventors soon found ways to make the first air compressor more efficient, creating new instruments to perform the same task. At the start, air compressors were limited in their function.

However, air compressor technology continued to develop as the years went on, and there are now multiple applications for the many different devices. Industries of all types use air compressors, and many homeowners own an air compressor. These devices can speed up many processes and help businesses reduce their overall costs. 041b061a72


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