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ANA BARBARA - Loca De Amar

In 1988, Bárbara entered the local Miss Universe-sponsored Miss Mexico beauty pageant representing her native state of San Luis Potosí and won; however, she lost at the national level.[citation needed] By then, an unknown Altagracia Ugalde moved forward and began to seize any opportunity to sing at local talent shows, and at times professionally at variety of music events and festivals. In the 1990s she had the opportunity to tour overseas in Colombia and represent Mexico's mariachi music.[3]

ANA BARBARA - Loca De Amar

While her career was in its peak popularity, she made a bold decision to take an extensive break from music. She put her career on hold for several years in order to dedicate time to her new family.[3] She also relocated to the popular resort city of Cancún, México with newly husband Pirru and their combined children Emiliano Gallardo (born in 2000), José Emilio Fernandez (born in 2005) and Paula Fernandez (born in 2001).[3] Her second child, José María, was born in the fall of 2006. During her "time-off," she joined the food-industry business. She opened an exclusive restaurant in 2007 titled Chocolate City, located in Cancún, Quintana Roo, México.[7] The restaurant relocated to plaza La Isla then later sold to sister Sabina Montero. It was renamed La Casa de Los Abuelos. In 2008, Ana Bárbara expanded her entrepreneur side once again by opening a nightclub titled Bandido. The night-club was also located in Cancún, Quintana Roo, México; however, it was sold to a business investor a year later.

After several public and tumultuous incidents in recent years, Bárbara experienced depression and anorexia. She confirmed via Twitter in March 2011 that she had "an illness" and was receiving treatment in Spain to improve her overall well-being.[55] In July 2011, Ana Bárbara confirmed that she was moving from México and relocating to the United States.[56]She moved to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California. 041b061a72


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