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[S1E7] The Other Side __FULL__

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[S1E7] The Other Side

We return to the other character, who is taking the Schwartz to Miiko. Ewelein is given a quest to brew healing potions, but is prevented from completing it because an ingredient is missing. On her way to Market Square, she encounters Valkyon, who is looking for Floppy. After finding the pet, the elf finds Purroy and gets the ingredient to finish the potion.

I enjoyed the chance to get to know Hannah better because she was adorable. She's very spirited like her mother, so it's easy to imagine her getting into trouble after being separated from her family. It's hard to imagine knowing where your daughter ended up and trying to reconcile that.

I'd love to know what Luke is doing in Canada. What was he expecting to happen when he went into the Embassy? It sounded like he was looking for a group of people, but I sure hope that doesn't mean he gave up looking for his family in lieu of other unknown groups of people.

Serena Joy's words are part of the fabric of Gilead. They are woven into the threads of the new society that keeps her in blue, forbids her writer's mind from reading her own work and engaging with others of a like intelligence.

Of course, June was finally going to make an emotional connection with Nick outside of Offred just moments before Luke comes back into her life. What I wonder if if June and Luke could possibly have a future if he never experiences life in Gilead.

It's like a woman who was sent away in the 1950s to give birth so no one knew. She was at a spa or something, the neighbors thing. Meanwhile, she's suffering the loss of one of the most important things she's ever experienced and to her significant other it's nothing but an idea.

The two cannot connect and mourn, it's something that chafes and creates a chasm between them that sometimes can never be recovered no matter how much love is between them. Luke and June might be lost to each other forever after this disaster of a world ripped them apart.

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The ambulance veers off the icy road, rolling into a creek. One of his captors has died, the other was thrown from the vehicle and lies severely injured on the opposite embankment. He takes a first aid kit and a Glock 17 handgun from a dead Guardian and goes off to find his wife and daughter. Before he leaves, he asks the injured guard to tell him their location but the man dies before he can answer. After stumbling in the woods for a bit, Luke sees his daughter's shoe, her stuffed bunny rabbit, and what appears to be June's belongings. He takes this to mean that they were captured before they could reach the border.

In another flashback, he reflects on the moment he and June hid in the trunk of their car while a man called Mr. Whitford drives them to a secluded cabin near the border. Whitford refers he helps them escape because he still owes June's mother, who performed a vasectomy on him "a few years back after they made it illegal", a favor. He tells them he still needs to get them Canadian passports, because U.S. passports "don't mean shit no more". Before he leaves, he teaches Luke how to shoot a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver, which he is clearly uneasy about.

Back in the present, Luke is rescued by strangers who are also on their way to the border. They think he is a Guardian at first, but after determining he is on their side, they carry him to a schoolbus, where the leader, Zoe, cleans out his bullet wound. The people on the bus are introduced as Christine, Lyla, and Peter, or: "an army brat, two strays, a gay, and a nun". They tell Luke that Zoe and a group of US Army soldiers she was stationed with in South Carolina rescued a girl from one of the Red Centers, but they don't even know the extent of what's happening.

In the present, Luke, still in the schoolbus, plans to leave the other and head back to Boston. Zoe brings him inside a church and shows him what happens to people who try to fight back. The townspeople who hid their fertile women were all hanged and strung up inside the church by the Guardians. Luke decides to go with the others to New Brunswick in Canada. They find the owner of a motorboat whom they made a deal with, but only for five people. Luke offers the man the morphine and Percocet from his bag, along with his wedding band and the man accepts. Just as they are boarding the boat, the Guardians open fire from nearby. Zoe dies from the gunfire, and Luke is seen escaping with the others.

Once inside Puybaraud makes a show of arresting Sabran for messing around with national security, but then gets quickly sidetracked into a manhunt for Fiersi. He is pulling out all the stops to be convincing in trying to get Fiersi to give himself up. Fiersi is not fooled and again makes a run for it.

Well, the Duke is still alive in the outside world and could shatter Tim's fragile new regime if he were to ever return. Because Solar Opposites was initially picked up by Hulu with a two-season commitment, the show has the freedom to continue telling more stories from the Wall. And that's exactly what the creators intend to do.

She storms off to cry in private. Sidney follows her and gives a halfhearted apology which only convinces Charlotte that he's not into her. She tells Sidney to stop stringing her along and leave her alone. And speaking of hoping a Parker brother will go away, Georgiana and Arthur are continuing their cake search.

Folgers Brother drunkenly ambles up and lets Tom know that Lady D has pulled a Lazarus and returned from death's door. Tom, a normal person, is happy to hear this. Folgers Brother, a Certified Jerk, continues his drunken disaster tour of the regatta, moving on to Babs.

Across town, Folgers Brother's Drunken Disaster Tour of Sanditon continues apace as he runs into Clara. She tells him they never needed to be enemies, and wonders what's gonna happen to him now that he's disinherited.

Brien Allen is the last of the original crazy people who responded to this nutjob on Facebook wanting to start an online blog prior to Twin Peaks S3. Some of his other favorite shows have been Vr.5, Buffy, Lost, Stargate: Universe, The OA, and Counterpart. He's an OG BBSer, Trekkie, Blue Blaze Irregular, and former semi-professional improviser. He is also a staunch defender of putting two spaces after a period, but has been told to shut up and color.

Thus this episode brings every character from disparate storylines together for a funeral where emotions are running high; bashes them against each other in ways that invariably result in sex and/or violence; then sends everyone back to their separate corners, reeling from the experience.

Open on: Lady Laena's funeral. The gang's all here: Her not-so-grieving husband Daemon and her very-much-grieving kids, Rhaena and Baela. Her mother Rhaenys, her father Corlys, her uncle Vaemond, and her brother Laenor. Laenor's wife Rhaenyra and "their" kids, Jayce and Luke. The king, the queen and their kids Aegon, Aemond and Helaena. Ottto Hightower, being Handy, once again. Ser Criston Cole, being a smug jerk once again. Ser Qarl Correy, Laenor's *throat-clearing noise*, as my mom would call him. And creepy Ser Larys, slinking around the place like a silent-movie vamp. It's pretty much the entire call sheet.

I admire the show's trust in its actors' ability to convey what we need to know through expression and gesture, instead of through thick, wordy clots of exposition. That said, this episode kicks off by giving every freaking character listed above a long moment to gaze meaningfully at another character, and with a cast this huge, this process takes a hell of a long time. We are burning serious daylight with all these pained expressions getting exchanged; it's really just "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" but stretched out over 12 minutes.

...mmkay. Not, uh. Not exactly revelatory. I mean, there's a bit in there about the greens (who side with Alicent and want Aegon to be Viserys's heir) and the blacks (who are full-bore Team Rhaenyra). But beyond that, it's anyone's guess.

Aegon is getting drunk and ogling the comely cater-waiters. Glum Aemond introduces us to a new bit of information: Aegon is betrothed to their sister Helaena. Aegon is none too happy about this. It's not the incest that bothers him, of course, it's the choice of bride. He walks offscreen shouting, "Wench! Another!"

Jayce goes to comfort the twins, awkwardly, while his younger brother Luke weeps at the very thought of inheriting Driftmark, because to do so would mean "everyone is dead." Oh, you sweet summer child. You've been reading ahead!

Otto roughly rousts a passed-out Aegon, while Ser Qarl sends a drunk and grieving Laenor off to bed. (The show's really playing up how hard Laena's death has hit him, which would land on us harder if they'd ever seen fit to show us a single scene of the two of them talking to each other, even in passing.)

Cut to: The Driftwood Throne, where everyone's assembled to tut over Aemond's condition and apportion blame. (We are reminded, very deliberately, of the Game of Thrones scene in which a violent dispute between Joffrey and Arya served only to exacerbate tensions between House Baratheon (read: Lannister) and House Stark. The only thing that's different here, really, is that the members of this House divided against itself cannot stand each other.) 041b061a72


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