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Uninstalling €?uninstallable’ Windows Updates

And the same update cannot be removed via the list of installed updates within windows update under control panel, as there is no uninstall option (for it and a few others, most other updates have the uninstall option working fine) when clicked on or at the top.

Uninstalling ‘uninstallable’ Windows Updates

Windows 10 updates always come with goodies to improve or fix something in the performance of your PC. In some cases, though this can backfire. You can see a drop in the performance of your computer or even data loss. If you encounter any problems after you install new Windows updates, you will have to uninstall the updates. In this article, we will cover how to uninstall windows updates when necessary.

In case some of the smaller Windows updates caused any problems, uninstalling them should be a simple process. Even if your computer is booting fine, we recommend booting into Safe Mode before proceeding with the process.

If your problems are not solved by uninstalling the latest Windows updates, that means that you have a more complex issue. We recommend that you turn to a specialist that can help you with the solution to your problem.

Windows Updates are necessary to fix various vulnerabilities and errors in Windows and associated software. Additionally, these Windows Updates may add new features. However, these updates can even be problematic sometimes, leading your system from malfunctioning to a complete crash. In such a case, recover your data and proceed with uninstalling updates with the methods shared in this article. Hopefully, that would sort out the issue.

If uninstalling the update fixes your issue, you might want to consider deferring future updates. On Windows 10 Pro, you can defer cumulative updates for up to 35 days. To do that, head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options and scroll down and turn on the switch to pause updates.

Remember, this is for uninstalling the cumulative updates that are usually launched on Patch Tuesday each month. These include a bunch of individual updates all wrapped up in one download. If you want better control of your Windows 10 updates, check out our article on how to install specific Windows 1o updates with the help of a free app.


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