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[S2E1] The Summer Palace

The following day, Kendall arrives early to lunch at the family's summer home in the Hamptons, where the house is filled with an unidentified foul odor. Colin, the head of Logan's security detail, takes Kendall aside to inform him that he is not a suspect in the police investigation into Andrew Dodds' death. The other children arrive, and the source of the stench is discovered to be a bag of dead raccoons stuffed in the chimney. Logan has the prepared meal discarded and orders pizza, and asks his children for their opinion on whether he should sell the company. However, none of them find themselves able to speak freely in front of the entire family.

[S2E1] The Summer Palace

At dusk, Logan confronts the contractor who was in charge of recent repairs to the summer home, and who placed the dead raccoons in the chimney as retaliation for being underpaid. Logan gives the contractor an ultimatum between taking an even smaller sum of money or receiving no payment at all. During dinner, Logan names Kendall and Roman as his co-COOs, despite the latter's protests. He then takes Kendall to meet with Stewy and Sandy in Manhattan, but sends Kendall in alone. Stewy is both incensed and bewildered by Kendall's betrayal, and Sandy refuses to come to a compromise, which makes the strenuous legal battle their only option. Kendall promises them that they will lose.

The episode's opening scenes at Kendall's rehab clinic were shot on location in Iceland.[1] Henry Ford II's 1960 estate in the Hamptons was used as the Roys' summer home. Production designer Stephen Carter remarked that the location was chosen to reflect Logan's sensibilities: "Given the age of the character, he would have been forming his impressions of what trendy style would be in the sixties."[2] The production retrofitted new artwork and furniture in five of the home's rooms to create the set.[3] Kendall's meeting with Stewy and Sandy at the end of the episode was filmed at Del Posto, a revered Italian restaurant on 10th Avenue.[4]

Shiv and Roman scrambled to the summer place when called, and even though they were lambasting Kendall for pulling out of his deal at the last minute, they were both secretly eager to take his place in the line of succession.

Great Staircase, Hampton Court. Peter K Burian, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia CommonsIn Season 2 of Bridgerton the palace staircase location is the real Great Staircase of Hampton Court Palace.

You can find Bridgerton's Chancery Lane filming location at the back of King Henry VIII's kitchens. The chimneys you can see in the background of certain shots belong to the Seymour gate. You might have spotted the Tudor brickwork already - this is, of course, in the older part of the palace, away from the locations where we see Queen Charlotte mingling with her court. 041b061a72


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