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How To Add A Logo Or Watermark In Imovie For Mac

Filmora Video Editor is the best alternative to iMovie for adding elegant watermarks and readily meets other advanced video editing demands. Here are some features provided for text watermarking on Filmora:

How To Add A Logo Or Watermark In Imovie For Mac

As the world of digital videos bombarded the internet, many video creators often have the same topic or idea on their content. This is a big problem for video enthusiasts regarding their originality and uniqueness in their content. The best way to have an identity on the different video-sharing platforms is by applying a watermark or logo to your videos. Using watermarks is a traditional practice of naming one product back in a day. Now, adding digital watermarks is still an effective way to provide identification and distinguishing a particular product. If you are looking for practical software to add a watermark on a video, iMovie is a well-known tool to use. Are you looking for quick tips to do it? This article already gathers the best ways to add watermark to video in iMovie and using other alternatives.

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with Extra-Special Effects that can input watermarks using a picture-in-picture effect.Supported Formats: M4V, MOV, MP4, and more.

iMovie is a video editing software that is pre-installed for iOS, iPad, and macOS. It has intuitive navigation where all editing menus are located at the uppermost part of the tool. It enables users to create eye-catching videos using its basic editing features. These features are trim clips, fade audio tracks, create photo slideshow, and more. Although this tool has no menu button to add watermarks, it utilizes the picture-in-picture function to import logos and watermarks Additionally, it has advanced editing functionalities that users can utilize including, Chroma Keying, video stabilization, picture-in-picture function, and split-screen in iMovie effects. Moreover, it has over inbuilt 80 innovative audio tracks that can be included in the project video. . Beneath this description is the walkthrough on how to add watermark in iMovie.

To add logo to video iMovie, start by launching the application on your device. Since it is pre-installed software on different Apple devices, no installation is needed. Open and scrutinize its functionality and navigation.

Next, on the tool's interface, make sure you are on the project tab. Tick the "+" to create a new project video. Then, go to the File menu and click the import media option. Once done, highlight the watermark or logo that you want to input in your video. Then, drag it on the timeline storyboard, and the logo will overlay on the top of your project video. Afterward, hit the overlay button located at the top of the preview window. Hover over on the picture-in-picture, and the image will displace appropriately inside of your project video.

Distinctive Feature: It can insert and add watermarks and logos with a customizable position, duration, and size.Supported Formats: MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, WAV, MP3, FLAC, and many more.

Since iMovie is limited only to Apple devices, it does not work on Windows operating systems. Therefore, this article curated the ideal tool to use to serve as a substitute to adding a watermark in iMovie. AceThinker Video Editor is a prominent video editor software that can be useful for macOS and Windows OS. It comes in a comprehensive and user-friendly interface with its timeline editing function. It has a preview window that can play and preview the edited video without exporting it yet. It is designed with essential editing functions, including trim and cut, rotate and crop, split and combine, and much more. Additionally, it is the best free slideshow maker that can combine and compile media files into cinematic photo slideshows. Furthermore, the logos that you can input can modify its opacity and visibility. Needless to say, applying logos and watermarks is a quick and easy thing to do. Below is the detailed guideline on how to add watermark in iMovie alternative.

Then, drag your videos on the timeline-editing-pane. Afterward, drag-and-drop as well the logo that you want to input on the project video. Highlight the image and resize it on the video. Utilize the preview window to play the edited video. Extend the watermark according to the duration of your video.

Adding a watermark to video makes your video unique and personalized. The watermark could be your company logo, company name or brand name, etc. Many big companies in the world deliver videos with their exclusive watermark, like NBC News, FOX News, CNN, etc. As you may have known, watermarks could not only be images, but also texts or even video.

So here is the question: how to add a watermark to video? Actually, it's super easy if you have the right video editing software. For Mac users, iMovie is a good choice. For Windows users, Movavi Video Editor is highly recommended. Please see below about how to add watermark to any video using iMovie and Movavi Video Editor.

iMovie is an easy to use video editor for Mac. It enables your add title and picture-in-picture clips quickly and easily. With these two features, you're able to add either text or image/video watermark to your video.

iMovie provides a variety of title templates for you to add titles to your video. You just need to choose a title template and input your watermark information, that's it. There is not much changes you can apply to your title watermark. You even can't change the position of titles. For more info, check out iMovie titling tutorials.

If you have already got your watermark ready, this is the easiest way to add a watermark to video. Make sure your watermark is saved to PNG with transparent background. That makes it look better after added to your video. You can also only add titles in the image so that it's a text watermark for video after editing as below.

The video watermark may not be used as frequently as the graphic watermark. A video watermark may attract audience's attention. However, it's a good idea to add a video watermark to a video if the video watermark is a simple video.

Movavi Video Editor is a fully-featured iMovie for Windows alternative video editor. It's easy to use it for adding a photo watermark to your video. It supports all regular photo and video formats, including but not limited to PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, MKV, AVI, and FLV. Now you'll learn how to add watermark to video in Windows using Movavi Video Editor.

In the welcome window, you have two video editing modes to choose from. Click Create project in full feature mode. To import files, click Add Media Files and choose the video and watermark file (if there is) you want to merge together. All the files will be added and displayed in the Timeline as below.

Drag the watermark above the video clip in the timeline and right click for Edit as Overlay. You'll see your watermark framed with handles. You can then resize it, move it or rotate it. On the left Video panel, you can also change the opacity, duration and fade effects.

The above steps are showing you how to add image watermark and video watermark in Windows and Mac. To add text watermark, you're free to choose from 50+ title templates, and dislike iMovie, no limits at all. You can fully customize the added text watermark. To do so, go to the title browser by clicking T button on the left and drop and drop a text template to the timeline.

The below image is not a good example showing watermarked video. Now you know why you need a watermark image with transparent background. Also, the opacity option is very useful to make your watermark look better. When you're satisfied with the watermarked video, click the Export button to save it as a new file. All popular video formats are supported, like MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. You can also directly upload watermarked video to YouTube for business purpose.

I've shared with you about how to add a watermark to a video in this article. You could either use iMovie to do the job with significant limits, or the more powerful video editing and watermark software Movavi Video Editor on Mac and Windows. Now add watermark to your video without complicated operations and time-consuming walkarounds.

People want to protect their videos and prevent their videos from being copied. And one of the methods that they use is to put watermarks (logos, text, images) on their video to show ownership. Adding watermarks to your videos also improves the viewership of their videos. And if you are one of the users who want to add watermarks to protect your video, we have a powerful tool for you. iMovie is a popular app for video editing that allows you to add visual effects, add amazing transitions, and even add watermarks easily. Furthermore, it is a video editing software that many professionals use. Therefore, if you want to add watermark to videos in iMovie on your videos, read this post until the end.

There are different watermarks that you can add to your video. It can be a logo, a text, or any image representing you. In this part, we will put a watermark logo on a video. Using the iMovie app on Mac, you can easily add watermarks to your video without third-party apps. It is also a software application that you can only use on Mac and other iOS. Read this part comprehensively to learn how to add a watermark to videos in iMovies.

Step 5You can customize your text watermark by changing the font size, font style, and text-align, and even disappear or reappear your text watermark. You can find these options above the preview of your video.

Now that you know how to put a watermark a video on iMovie, you can do it on your Mac. However, when you add watermarks using iMovie, you cannot reposition them anymore once placed. So, if you want to use a more advanced tool, read the next part.

Although iMovie is one of the most popular apps for adding watermarks to your video, you cannot reposition your watermark once placed. So, we searched for the best tool to move or reposition the watermark you are creating on your video. Read this part to know the ultimate tool and how you can add watermarks to your video with this tool.


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