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Apaçi Dansı Eğitimi - Online ve Ücretsiz Dersler

Apaci Dance Indir: How to Download and Enjoy the Popular Turkish Dance Music

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to spice up your music playlist, you might want to try apaci dance indir. Apaci dance is a popular Turkish dance music genre that has taken the country and the world by storm. It is a highly energetic and expressive dance that combines techno beats, electro sounds, and fast-paced movements. Apaci dance is also known as Apache dance, Apaçi dansı, or Apaçi müziği in Turkish.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about apaci dance indir, including its origin, history, characteristics, features, and how to download and enjoy it. Whether you are a fan of Turkish culture, a lover of dance music, or simply curious about this phenomenon, you will find this article informative and entertaining. So, let's get started!

apaci dance indir

The origin and history of apaci dance

Apaci dance is not a traditional Turkish folk dance, but rather a modern adaptation of a French street dance called Tecktonik. Tecktonik is a specific techno dance and a fashion trend that emerged in the late 1990s in Belgium and the Netherlands, and became popular in France in the mid-2000s. Tecktonik involves moving the arms in the air like windmills, along with other acrobatic and rhythmic movements.

The influence of the French Tecktonik movement and the Apache Native American tribe

The name apaci comes from the French word apache, which means "ruffian" or "thug". This term was used by the French press in the early 20th century to describe the young members of street gangs who were notorious for their violence and savagery. The name was inspired by the Apache Native American tribe, who were known for their bravery and resistance against the colonizers.

The French Tecktonik dancers adopted the name apache as a way of expressing their rebellious and defiant attitude towards society. They also wore clothes and accessories that resembled those of the Apache tribe, such as feathers, bandanas, leather jackets, and tattoos.

The Turkish apaci dancers were influenced by the French Tecktonik movement through social media and personal connections. Many young Turks living in Western Europe learned Tecktonik from their peers and brought it back to Turkey when they visited their relatives. They also shared videos and photos of their performances on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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The rise of apaci dance in Turkey through social media and TV shows

Apaci dance became a viral sensation in Turkey in 2010, when thousands of people started to upload their own videos of dancing to apaci music on the internet. The music was mostly composed of remixes of popular Turkish songs with techno beats and electro sounds. Some of the most famous apaci songs are "Apachi Müziği", "Apaçi Remix 2012", "Apacı Dansı", "Apacı Serdar Ors", "Apacı Dance", "Apacı Dansi", "Apacı Piyano Tutorial", "Apacı Music", "Classic Apacı Dance 2015", etc.

Apaci dance also gained popularity through TV shows and advertisements that featured or referenced it. For example, in the popular comedy show "Leyla ile Mecnun", the main character Mecnun performed apaci dance in several episodes, making it a trademark of his character. In the Turkish version of "The Voice", one of the contestants, Emre Sertkaya, sang an apaci song and danced to it, impressing the judges and the audience. In 2011, a Turkish mobile phone company, Turkcell, launched a campaign called "Apacılar" (The Apaches), which featured a group of young people dancing to apaci music and promoting their products.

The characteristics and features of apaci dance

Apaci dance is not just a music genre, but also a lifestyle and a subculture. Apaci dancers have their own fashion style, language, and values. They are usually young, urban, and lower-class people who are looking for a way to express themselves and have fun. They are often criticized or mocked by the mainstream society for their appearance and behavior, but they do not care about what others think of them.

The distinctive music and remixes of apaci dance

The music of apaci dance is characterized by fast tempo, techno beats, electro sounds, and catchy melodies. The music is often created by remixing popular Turkish songs with electronic elements, such as synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. The remixes are usually done by amateur DJs or producers who upload their work on the internet for free download. Some of the most famous apaci DJs are DJ Serdar Ors, DJ Emre Serin, DJ Onur Ergin, DJ Hakan Keleş, DJ Erdem Kınay, etc.

The music of apaci dance is also influenced by other genres of Turkish music, such as arabesk, pop, rock, rap, folk, and classical. Apaci dancers enjoy listening to different types of music and mixing them with their own style. For example, some apaci songs use samples from Turkish classical music or folk songs, such as "Çanakkale Türküsü", "Yemen Türküsü", "Kara Toprak", etc.

The energetic and expressive dance moves of apaci dance

The dance moves of apaci dance are inspired by the French Tecktonik dance, but also have some unique features. The main move of apaci dance is called "apacı kolu" (apaci arm), which involves swinging the arms in the air like windmills. The arms can also be moved in other ways, such as crossing them in front of the chest, pointing them to the sky, or waving them side to side. The legs can also be moved in various ways, such as jumping, kicking, spinning, or sliding.

The dance moves of apaci dance are very energetic and expressive. Apaci dancers use their whole body to convey their emotions and feelings. They also use facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, winking, or sticking out their tongue. Apaci dancers often dance in groups or pairs, synchronizing their movements and creating formations. They also interact with each other and with the audience, making eye contact, cheering, clapping, or shouting.

How to download and enjoy apaci dance music

If you want to download and enjoy apaci dance music, you have many options to choose from. There are many websites and platforms that offer free or paid access to apaci dance music. You can also find tutorials and videos that teach you how to perform apaci dance. Here are some of the best sources for apaci dance indir:

The best websites and platforms to find and download apaci dance music

One of the best websites to find and download apaci dance music is . These platforms have a wide range of apaci songs and remixes from different DJs and artists. You can create your own playlists, follow your favorite channels, and discover new songs. You can also stream the songs online or download them for offline listening. Some of the songs may require a subscription or a payment to access them.

The tips and tricks to learn and perform apaci dance

If you want to learn and perform apaci dance, you need to practice a lot and have fun. Apaci dance is not a difficult dance to learn, but it requires some coordination, flexibility, and stamina. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master apaci dance:

  • Watch videos of apaci dancers and observe their movements and expressions. Try to imitate their style and add your own personality.

  • Listen to apaci music and feel the rhythm and the melody. Try to match your movements with the beats and the sounds.

Start with the basic move of apaci dance, which is the apacı kolu (apaci arm). Swing your arms in the air like windmills, keeping them straight and parallel. You can also move y


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