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How to Download and Install Shredder Chess on Your Device

Download Shredder Chess: The Computer Chess World Champion

If you are looking for a chess program that can help you improve your game, challenge your skills, and provide hours of fun, you should download Shredder Chess. Shredder Chess is one of the best chess programs in the world, with a history of winning titles and awards since 1996. In this article, we will tell you what Shredder Chess is, what features and benefits it offers, how to download it, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Features of Shredder Chess

Shredder Chess is not just a chess program, it is a game playing and analysis tool for everybody. Whether you are a beginner or a world champion, you can find something to suit your needs and preferences in Shredder Chess. Here are some of the features that make Shredder Chess stand out:

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  • 19 times computer chess world champion: Shredder Chess has won more titles than any other chess program ever. It has proven its strength and quality against human and computer opponents alike.

  • Available for multiple platforms: You can download Shredder Chess for your desktop computer with Windows, Mac or Linux. You can also get it for your mobile device with iPhone, iPad or Android. You can even play it in your browser.

  • Made by chess enthusiasts: Shredder Chess is developed by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, a German computer scientist and chess master. He has been working on Shredder since 1993 and has been listening to what his users want.

Benefits of Shredder Benefits of Shredder Chess

Shredder Chess is not only a powerful and versatile chess program, it is also a great way to learn and improve your chess. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from downloading Shredder Chess:

  • Learn chess with the Chess Tutor: Shredder Chess comes with a built-in Chess Tutor that can teach you the rules and basics of chess, as well as give you tips and hints on how to play better. You can adjust the tutor's strength and style to match your level and goals.

  • Improve your skills and tactics: Shredder Chess can help you analyze your games and find your mistakes and weaknesses. You can also use it to practice different aspects of chess, such as openings, endgames, puzzles, and more. You can track your progress and rating with Shredder's statistics and graphs.

  • Challenge yourself with different levels and modes: Shredder Chess can adapt to your skill level and play with you at any strength from beginner to grandmaster. You can also choose from different playing modes, such as blitz, classical, Fischer random, handicap, sparring, and more. You can even play against Shredder's famous personalities, each with their own style and character.

  • Enjoy a beautiful and intuitive interface: Shredder Chess has a user-friendly and customizable interface that lets you play and explore chess with ease. You can change the board and pieces design, the colors, the sounds, the fonts, and more. You can also access various tools and options with just a few clicks or taps.

  • Get great support and updates: Shredder Chess is constantly updated and improved by its developer and team. You can get free updates for your version of Shredder Chess whenever they are available. You can also contact Shredder Chess support if you have any questions or issues with the program.

How to Download Shredder Chess

If you are convinced that Shredder Chess is the chess program for you, here is how you can download it:

  • Choose your preferred platform: Go to the official website of Shredder Chess at . There you will see the different platforms that Shredder Chess supports: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, and online. Click on the one that you want to download.

  • Follow the instructions on the website: Depending on the platform that you chose, you will see different instructions on how to download Shredder Chess. For example, if you chose Windows, you will see a link to download the setup file for Shredder 13 Windows. If you chose iPhone, you will see a link to download Shredder Chess from the App Store. Follow the instructions carefully and complete the download process.

  • Activate your license key: After downloading Shredder Chess, you will need to activate it with a license key that you will receive by email after purchasing it. The license key is valid for all platforms that Shredder Chess supports, so you only need to buy it once. Enter the license key in the program and activate it.

  • Start playing and having fun: Once you have activated Shredder Chess, you can start playing and enjoying all its features and benefits. You can also check out the manual and tutorials on the website for more information and tips on how to use Shredder Chess.


Shredder Chess is one of the best chess programs in the world that can help you play, learn, improve, and have fun with chess. It has many features and benefits that make it suitable for everyone, from beginners to world champions. It is available for multiple platforms and devices, so you can play it anytime and anywhere. It is made by chess enthusiasts who care about their users and their product. If you want to download Shredder Chess, just follow the simple steps above and get ready for an amazing chess experience.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Shredder Chess:

  • Q1: How much does Shredder Chess cost?

  • A1: The price of Shredder Chess depends on the platform that you choose. For example, Shredder 13 Windows costs $49.99 USD, while Shredder Chess for iPhone costs $7.99 USD. You can check out the prices for all platforms on the website.

  • Q2: How can I contact Shredder Chess support?

  • A2: You can contact Shredder Chess support by sending an email to . You can also visit the website and use the contact form or the forum to ask questions or give feedback.

  • Q3: What are the system requirements for Shredder Chess?

  • A3: The system requirements for Shredder Chess vary depending on the platform that you choose. For example, for Windows, you need a PC with Windows 7 or higher, 1 GB RAM, and 100 MB free disk space. For iPhone, you need an iPhone with iOS 9.0 or later. You can check out the system requirements for all platforms on the website.

  • Q4: Can I play Shredder Chess online?

  • A4: Yes, you can play Shredder Chess online in your browser without downloading anything. Just go to the website and click on "Play Online". You can play against Shredder or other human players from around the world.

  • Q5: How can I update Shredder Chess?

  • A5: You can update Shredder Chess for free whenever there is a new version available. You will receive a notification in the program or on the website when there is an update. Just follow the instructions and download the update file.


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